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Membership & Studio Access


Anyone can join Cherry Press.  We welcome artists of all skill levels, new to and experienced in printmaking techniques.  Membership is required to rent studio hours and to participate in a residency and costs $45 per year.  Members receive a 10% discount on workshops.  We aim to keep prices as low as possible to make printmaking accessible to everyone. Membership includes an equipment & safety tour.  Prospective members must demonstrate a basic knowledge of the printmaking techniques and equipment they intend to use in the studio.  We also offer studio hours with technical assistance for those just learning or feeling rusty, so don't let this deter you!  People who are new to printmaking are encouraged to try one of our classes/workshops.  Classes come with designated studio hours and temporary memberships for the class time used.

Studio Access:

Pre-purchased studio hours include access to the workshop during open hours, use of tools and equipment, most solvents and chemistry (there is a small free for D & S Posicoat) and black ink.  Litho stones can be rented on a monthly basis. Graining service is available for litho stones and Century Plates for those who want skip the graining process for their stone or Century Plate, the cost of graining depends on the stone/plate size.  We don't require annual applications or committments to large blocks of time.  Hourly use is $16/hr

Studio Access with Technical Assistance:

Need help with your project or assistance with specific printmaking materials or techniques?  Studio hours with technical assistance are $25/hr.

Printmaking Classes:

Eager to learn a new technique? Individual and group classes are available, take a look at our Workshops page.  If you don't see a class scheduled for the technique you're interested in or if you'd like to book a class for yourself or with friends, please contact us.  Please scroll to the bottom of our home page and sign up on our mailing list to learn when classes are being offered.

Fall Special: Individual, One-on-One Classes are $35/per hour.

Contract Printing: Maybe you have a print in mind and don't have the time to master a new process?  Would you like to see your one-of-a-kind painting transformed into printed multiples?  Is your gallery interested in selling prints?  Contact us about contract printing and we can discuss how to make your printing project happen.

Stone & Century Plate Graining Service: Like working on litho stones or Century Plates but hate graining?  We'll do the work for you!  Pricing depends on size of stone or plate.  Contact us about graining services