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Launch of Historical Map & Walking Tour in Dublin 7

on Wed, 12/20/2017 - 17:30


December 3 marked the launch of the Stoneybatter & Smithfield People's History Project's map and walking tour documenting the 1916 Rising in Stoneybatter, Smithfield & the Markets in Dublin, Ireland.  Corinne was commissioned by the group to produce a hand-printed lithographic map of the key sites, which was funded in part by Dublin City Council.  The map is printed on one side of a publication by the group that features text and photographs about the sites, which are stops on a historical walking tour.  The group donated one of the actual lithographs (a one-colour Century Plate lithograph on Plike paper) to their local Centre for the Homeless, which raised nearly 500 Euro on auction.  Some of these prints are available for sale, please contact me for details.